Annual Professional Performance Review

The Annual Professional Performance Review Plan for the Hicksville Public School District has been developed in conjunction with a directive from the New York State Education Department to implement New York's teacher and principal evaluation law, section 3012-c of the Education Law as added by Chapter 103 of the Laws of 2010.

The new evaluation system is grounded in the New York State Teaching Standards and the ISLLC Educational Leadership Policy Standards The primary objective of the teacher and principal evaluation system is to foster a culture of continuous professional growth.

APPR Plan 2016-2017

Thank you to the members of the APPR Committee who collaboratively developed the APPR plan.

Anthony Lubrano, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction
Melissa Corbett, Director of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessments
Stephanie Stam, Principal OCR
Beth Swanson, Principal Woodland
Benjamin Tangney, Principal, Middle School
Brendan McGowan, Supervisor of English, Reading, and Library
Michael O'Connell, Supervisor of Science and Technology
Chad Wyman, Supervisor of Fine Arts

Andrea Ferrara, Teacher
Kyrstin Stehle, Teacher

Parent Request for Final Composite Rating Score for Teacher or Principal

The parent or legal guardian of a student may request the final quality rating and composite effectiveness scores for their child's current teacher(s) or principal. The parent must complete the attached request form and submit the request form to the building principal for the teacher's rating or the Sueprintendent of Schools for the principal's rating. An appointment will be scheduled for the parent to recieve the final composite effectiveness score.

Parent Request for Final Composite Rating-Teacher

Parent Request for Final Composite Rating-Principal

Explanation of the Final Composite Effectivness Score