Seal of Civic Readiness

Seal of Civic Readiness

Hicksville School District will be participating in the New York State Education Department’s Seal of Civic Readiness Initiative. The purpose of this program is to recognize student proficiency in terms of civic knowledge, civic skills, civic mindset and civic experiences. Additionally, the Seal of Civic Readiness has been approved as a +1 civics graduation pathway for graduating seniors. 

Earning the Seal of Civic Readiness demonstrates to universities, colleges, and future employers that a student:

• understands the commitment to participatory government; civic responsibility and civic

• has completed an action project in civics; and

• recognizes the value of civic engagement and scholarship.

In order to obtain the Seal of Civic Readiness, a student must complete all requirements for a New York State local or Regents diploma and earn credits based on the completion of class projects, service learning projects, elective courses that promote civic engagement, extra-curricular participation or work-based learning experience. 

The combination of these skills, mindsets and projects may culminate with your child being awarded a Seal of Civic Readiness, a special distinction on his/her diploma and high school transcript.