My Voice Matters Campaigns

My Voice Matters Report
2021/22 School Year

My Voice Matters Results

"As a community, we are committed to the social and emotional well being of all our students. We seek to develop the individual potential of each student in a collaborative atmosphere that values intellectual freedom and inspiration. We value families as partners in this work, and as partners in creating the schools’ unique environment. As a community we foster respect for and appreciation of individual and cultural differences; emphasize social responsibility and leadership, community service and good citizenship; and value civility and ethical behavior."

There have been many conversations throughout the school district about parent engagement and how to best support the parent, child, school dynamic to help ensure the best outcomes for all of Hicksville children. This past November, the Hicksville School District asked students and parents to share their experiences about their school as part of the district’s My Voice Matters campaign which was created in response to the Hicksville District Family Engagement Initiative.

We thank you for your participation and have prepared this summary to provide an overview of all that was offered.

MVM Results Presentation.pdf

MVM Results Report.pdf

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